We aren’t just
a bunch of pretty (smiling) faces.

Our team is tough to match. We are energetic enough to keep up with the most complex taxes at the height of the season and dedicated enough to make sure your taxes are in order, even when taxes are the furthest thing from your mind.

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Gwen Nichols, CPA

President & CEO

Adam Bok, CPA

Kim Boydoh

Chief Solutions Officer

Wes Harman, EA

Deborah Kohman, CPA

Greta Rzymek, CPA

Joe Schaefer, CPA

Paula Wells

Chief Operations Officer

Patty Bibbo

Financial Analyst, Bookkeeper

Sherri Blais

Office Manager

Pam Grawe

Vice President, Tax Preparation

Brea Jennings

Senior Accountant

Robin Pryfogle

Business Services Coordinator

Mary Revard

Senior Client Coordinator

Cara Vanasdale

Director of Client Care

Sheri Vrancken, EA

Tax Preparer