We have had clients report receiving emails from “the IRS,” even featuring the IRS logo. Because of this, we wanted to remind everyone that the IRS will not email you. In fact, unless you initiate a call to the IRS, they will only reach out to you via the US mail. Not only will the IRS not email you, they will also not text you, reach out through social media, request that you make payments using gift cards, or threaten you with arrest/revocation of your driver’s license/deportation.

Along the same lines, please know there will never be a situation that results in your Social Security number being voided, suspended or cancelled.

If you receive communications “from the IRS” and question their legitimacy, please feel free to reach out to your accountant. We are here to assist you with any real IRS correspondence you might receive, as well as advise you on questionable items. Let us help make your life #LessTaxing!