A must-watch for all business clients who use QuickBooks!

Reconciling your accounts is so important that Brea’s 13-year-old daughter already has it ingrained in her brain!

Take a minute to watch as she guides you through the various reasons all businesses should reconcile their books each month.  We are seeing errors when it comes to QuickBooks bank downloads, and businesses need to keep an eye out for these to help ensure they have accurate records.  




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Meet Our Staff — Mary Revard, Senior Client Coordinator

Mary joined the team at N&Co more than three years ago, after an extensive career in corporate America. She understands client relations and always provides the highest level of customer service. Mary was quickly promoted to the role of Senior Client Coordinator, meaning she not only assists clients at our front desk, but also works with prospective new clients who are reaching out to us for more information. If you call or come into the office, it’s very likely Mary will be one of the first people you encounter.

When she’s not working at N&Co, Mary enjoys gardening and spending time […] Read more

Meet Our Staff — Jennifer Ryan, QuickBooks Analyst

While Jen is largely working behind the scenes at N&Co, you’ll find that she is a key player in the analysis of our clients’ QuickBooks company files. Her years of experience managing business operational units makes her uniquely qualified to correct accounting mistakes and identify ways our clients can improve their accounting processes.

When Jen isn’t heads-down in a QuickBooks report, she is watching her kids‘ sports or enjoying time at Apple Valley with her family.

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Meet Our Staff — Brea Jennings, Senior Accountant

Meet Brea Jennings, Senior Accountant.

She’s been with N&Co just two years, but in that time, Brea has rapidly advanced from a part-time bookkeeping role to that of Senior Accountant. She brings with her more than 10 years of business accounting experience, having worked previously for large corporations as well as smaller firms.  Brea oversees our ever-growing bookkeeping team, who are available to assist our business clients with their varied bookkeeping needs. Her strong knack for organizing and simplifying helps our clients immensely. Even if you’d just like to learn to use QuickBooks, Brea can arrange for that too!

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Meet Our Staff — Video Series

Meet Our Staff — Video Series

At Nichols & Company, our clients are more than a number. We love getting to know you on a more personal level. That being said, we also wanted to give you a chance to better know our team–some of whom will be working directly with you and some of whom are busy working behind the scenes. You’ll find our top priority is your financial success and well-being.

Please take a moment to watch some of our videos and learn more about our team!

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Meet Our Staff — Owner Gwen Nichols, CPA

Meet Gwen Nichols, CPA and president of Nichols & Company, CPAs.

Gwen brings more than 25 years of accounting experience to N&Co, where she finds it very satisfying to serve as a trusted advisor to her clients. Gwen is also very involved in the Westerville community and gives back where she can. In addition to her accounting role, she also serves as Past Chair of the Westerville Area Chamber of Commerce, where she has been a Board member for more than 10 years.

After spending four months indoors each tax season, Gwen enjoys being outdoors as much as possible, visiting her son […] Read more

Looking To Increase Your Savings?  Your Emotions Could Help You Save More

Looking To Increase Your Savings? Your Emotions Could Help You Save More

As a business owner, I know that goal-setting helps us achieve real progress and create a shared vision for everyone in our business. I never thought of its influence as emotional, but here’s an interesting article on using our emotions to further our goals:

According to a study from Brad Klontz, psychologist, certified financial planner and associate professor at Creighton University, tapping into your emotional connection with nostalgic items could inspire you to save more.

The theory behind this strategy is that making a connection with a sentimental item/memory can provide you with a visualization of your goal. Additionally, giving your savings goal […] Read more

Don’t Get Hit With a Big Tax Bill! Most People Are Not Having Enough Federal Tax Withheld!

Don’t Get Hit With a Big Tax Bill! Most People Are Not Having Enough Federal Tax Withheld!

The IRS is trying to spread the news, and we want to help our clients:  The new tax laws are resulting in many taxpayers being under-withheld because their paycheck withholding was reduced—potentially in excess of the reduction in their tax liability!

While in past years we recommended clients do tax planning when they experienced a major life change, this year we are recommending that almost everyone take a look at their tax situation. For $75-$150 (depending on complexity), we can prepare a tax projection to determine if your withholdings are correct, if they need adjusted and/or if you should make estimated payments before […] Read more

Millennials: Are you living within your means?

Millennials: Are you living within your means?

Here at N & Co. we have a number of “millennial” clients, business owners, children, and interns.  We enjoy their unique perspective on the world, and as accountants, we are especially interested in their ideas about money. The millennials we know are discerning consumers and are concerned about where their money is going. Miriam Cross, of Kiplinger’s Personal Finances magazine, suggests millennials really review all of their expenses (the needs and the wants), as well  as their savings, to ensure they are looking ahead at their financial future.

Cross suggests tracking all expenses for two or three months—without judgment—so that you have […] Read more

Considering a Roth IRA Conversion:  Why it could make sense to pay taxes on retirement savings sooner versus later

Considering a Roth IRA Conversion: Why it could make sense to pay taxes on retirement savings sooner versus later

Our clients are savvy consumers, and we encourage them to plan carefully for retirement.  That means we welcome the opportunity to help take a long view on tax planning and map out long-term tax saving strategies.

Roth conversions are one such strategy.  Rob Williams, a director of financial planning, retirement income and wealth management with Charles Schwab, offers the following tips: https://www.schwab.com/resource-center/insights/content/3-reasons-to-consider-roth-ira-conversion

 Our team at Nichols & Company is here to help you measure the benefit of IRA conversions. Feel free to call our office at 614-891-5423 to make an appointment to discuss your personal situation.


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