Ohioans donating money to scholarship-granting organizations (SGOs) are eligible to receive a dollar-for-dollar tax credit up to $750 (or $1,500 for married couples filing jointly*) for these donations. The credit is limited either by the amount donated or your total Ohio state income tax. In some situations, donations also may qualify as a charitable contribution for federal income tax purposes.

SGOs are nonprofits that provide private or parochial school scholarships to K-12 students in need. This tax-credit scholarship program began on July 1, 2021, and the list of eligible SGOs was significantly expanded in 2022.

If you receive a letter of receipt for your donation, please include it when you turn in your documents for tax preparation.

There are currently 24 certified SGOs in Ohio.

*Married couples are required to make two separate donations, up to $750 each, one in each of their names, in order to qualify for the $1,500 deduction. Making a single donation of $1,500 will result in a credit of only $750.