This is Week One of the 10-week tax season, and we want to say a big thank you to our early birds!

A Few Week One Reminders:
$500 Drawings: We hope some of you were inspired to drop off early because of our two $500 drawings! The first drawing deadline is coming up next Wednesday, Feb. 15th. If you would like to be entered in this drawing, please submit your 2022 tax documents and organizer to us by Feb. 15th.
Referrals: We work hard to earn your trust, and we are honored when we hear from your family and friends who want our help. Due to our recent incredible growth and current focus on client service and developing our people, we are not able to accept many new clients. We still welcome calls and will share carefully curated referral sources.
Medical/Dental/Health Care Receipts: Just a friendly reminder that we need your out-of-pocket totals for each category in your tax organizer. We recommend you store your receipts at home.
Charitable Donation Receipts:
For cash donations: Again, we only need the total cash donation figure; no receipts. Keep cash receipts at home.
For noncash donations (Goodwill, etc.): please provide the totaled amount for donations less than $500. For donations in excess of $500, please provide a detailed list of items donated and their market values, in addition to the receipts.
SafeSend Returns: Clients who opted for SSR last year are still enrolled. SSR is a completely digital process for storing your tax returns, as well as working through the action items to sign and complete the filing process. If you wish to re-educate yourself about the process, or consider enrolling this tax year, please visit our SafeSend Returns Resource Center.

We are grateful for the opportunity to serve you!