In today’s day and age, protecting your identity and personally identifiable information is critical. How familiar are you with the signs of data theft? It is important to recognize these signs to that you can react quickly to minimize damage.

Receiving any of the following could be a sign that you might be a victim of identity theft:
• an IRS authentication letter (5071C, 6331C, 4883C or 5747C) even though you haven’t filed a tax return;
• a refund even though you haven’t filed a return;
• a tax transcript you didn’t request;
• emails or calls from a tax professional that you didn’t initiate;
• a notice that someone created an IRS online account for you without your consent; or,
• a notice you weren’t expecting that someone accessed your IRS online account; the IRS disabled your online account; or balance due or other notices from the IRS that are not correct based on the return you filed or if a return had not yet been filed.

Reporting quickly is critical, according to the IRS, as it allows the agency to take steps to block fraudulent returns in your name. If you think you could have been impacted by identity theft, the IRS suggests taking appropriate actions, such as obtaining an IP PIN or completing a Form 14039, Identity Theft Affidavit, if applicable.

(Source: Internal Revenue Service)