The IRS is trying to spread the news, and we want to help our clients:  The new tax laws are resulting in many taxpayers being under-withheld because their paycheck withholding was reduced—potentially in excess of the reduction in their tax liability!
While in past years we recommended clients do tax planning when they experienced a major life change, this year we are recommending that almost everyone take a look at their tax situation. For $75-$150 (depending on complexity), we can prepare a tax projection to determine if your withholdings are correct, if they need adjusted and/or if you should make estimated payments before the end of the year.
If you are interested in this service, please call us at 614-891-5423. We will guide you through which documents/figures we need to prepare the projection, and the results will leave you feeling relieved and in control of your tax return results.
Help us to help you: have your withholdings checked now rather than getting a big (possibly unpleasant) surprise at tax time!