Increase Accountability in 2017

Increase Accountability in 2017

Reaching your personal and company goals is as easy as establishing accountability. How does one accomplish that? According to Jim Boomer, CPA, it’s as easy as writing down your goals and verbalizing them to other people. Getting them out of your head and onto paper, as well as sharing them with others in your firm, helps to increase accountability.

Once you’ve determined the company’s goals, it’s important to meet with your team to develop individual and team goals. Boomer suggests a 90-day game plan: this allows individuals to sharpen their focus for the quarter at hand, as well as look back at last quarter’s results in order to fine tune the plan. Joining peer groups to gain additional insights—as well as accountability–is also recommended.

It doesn’t need to be a new year to set goals and move forward; you can start planning and making a difference in your firm’s future at any time!

Source: CPA Practice Advisor, Increase Accountability in 2017 by Jim Boomer, CPA (for subscribers only)

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